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    1. Hi Barry, great question!

      I typically work really hard for 3 to 6 months and save up a bunch of money and then go travel for 3 to 6 months and spend it.

      My last big trip from Alaska to Panama, I spent my summer working full time at the largest gas company in Alaska making $23/hr, Monday through Saturday 8 to 12 hours a day. I also own a cleaning and organizing business that I do on the side, part time. And I also pick up promotional gigs any days that I’m not working those other jobs. I also sacrificed and sold my Jeep and many of my belongings as well.

      For that trip I also started a gofundme account, but that was just meant for emergency purposes. I was grateful to have received $1300 in donations! But thankfully I had saved up enough of my own money and didn’t need to spend any of it on myself, so every penny of the gofundme donations, (plus additional money from my own pocket) went directly towards sending out thousands of postcards, gifts and souvenirs to friends, fans and followers around the world.

      And for this recent last minute Europe adventure I picked up a few cleaning/organizing/house sitting jobs and also a few last minute promotional jobs before I left. Then while I was in Europe I even pulled my small amount of retirement money.

      Sometimes travel takes dedication and sacrifices. But it’s always worth it to me!

      I recently have run low on funds again and have started working for the next 3 to 6 months and then will continue the next part of my motorcycle adventure around the world!

      Another important factor to my travel is being super frugal. I typically don’t spend a lot of money. I try to find free things to do along the way, like rivers, parks, free landmarks, etc. The most expensive costs are fuel (especially in Europe!), motorcycle maintenance, and sometimes accommodation when I want to splurge on a private room instead of camping, couchsurfing or hostels. And I generally try to buy food from grocery stores to save money too!

      I hope this helps answer your question!

      Oh, and another one of my big travel adventures in Australia for one year, I did a work exchange program. I would work for free/volunteer my time on farms all across Australia in exchange for free housing and food! It was a great way to experience new things, and learn new skills, but also give back and help out while traveling and not spend much money!

      (Sorry for the delayed response, I’m busy working 3 jobs right now saving up for the next part of my adventure!)

  1. You are too cool Nikki ! Why not choose an ADV bike instead ? And what about getting sponsored by some of the companies that specialize in ADV stuff ? Maybe even some smaller companies . That would sure help out !

    1. Yes. Please tell us your story on how you choosed and stayed with your bike. A lot of people are curious. Thanks ( :

  2. I’m curious, what kind of tires do you use? Im a 28 yo female rider that’s also on a cbr600rr and loves to travel with motorcycles (I also did a tour of Europe last year but had to rent a bike for that.) My biggest problem has been that my sportbike isn’t very friendly for traveling, but you seem to have made it work! Also is there anything besides specific tires you’ve done to your bike to make it more doable? (My biggest challenge is preparing for bad road conditions and weather with the sportbike.) Id love any suggestions you have!

  3. Just nothing but respect and admiration.
    All the very best, and hope to see you out there in this big world.

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